NZ 2017 Private Lesson Prices

Over the years at NZSki there had been a complicated Private Lesson system. A couple of years ago there were more than 12 Private lesson products, which is why the system was simplified for last season.

The system works well for everyone, especially you, our guests, by simplifying the choices available (down to 4), reducing the hourly cost for longer durations (Full-day for 6 people is down 26%), the removal of products that we could not deliver great lessons in (such as the 1hr with 5-6 persons) and capping the number of people proportionally to the length of the lesson. As always, Booking in advance is essential.

Private Lessons 

Full Day – 6hrs            $740                                                                                                      1-6 Persons

Half Day – 3 hrs          $405                                                                                                   1-4 Persons

2hrs                            $277                                                                                                        1-3 Persons

1hr                                                                                                                                              1-2 Person                $145

For Times and other information Private Lessons, please click here.